Surfside Stainless and Glass Northern Beaches glass cable and stainless steel balustrading frameless shower screens architectural skylights aluminium tig mig and arc welding
Stainless steel balustrading and frameless glass installation Northern Beaches
Frameless glass balustrade for pools Welcome to Surfside Stainless & Glass

Orange Base Hospital balustrading project
We specialise in Glass, Cable, Stainless Steel Balustrading, Frameless Shower screens and Architectural Skylights. We only work with the highest grade materials available on the market. Our highly trained team have over 50 years of combined industry experience, and you can rest assured that Surfside Stainless & Glass will work from start to finish to solve your problems.

We also do all welding – Aluminum, tig, Mig and ARC.


Frameless glass balustrading on staircase

Surfside Stainless & Glass incorporates 50 years of experience in stainless steel and glass fabrication and installation in their service to their customers.
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Architectural glass skylights

Surfside Stainless & Glass do all glass cable and stainless steel balustrading, frameless shower screens and architectural skylights.
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Stainless steel balustrading on staircase

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Frameless glass balustrading on deck

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